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Known Benefits of Our Ingredients

There are many researched and well known discoveries throughout the world. The natural benefits, nutrients, and medicinal values associated with our ingredients are just plain amazing! Why not let our bodies enjoy what our beautiful earth has freely given to us. Thousands of communities and traditions globally have enjoyed many of their benefits in many forms. With us, we continue the journey together right here!


High in Nutrients, Suppresses Coughs, Promotes Healing of Wounds & Burns, Prevents Acid Reflex, Relieves Ulcers, eczema, dermatitis, vomiting, dysentery, and aids in a better sleep.


High Vitamin C, Immune Booster, Nausea Relief, Maintains good Blood Pressure, Anti-oxidant, lowers Cholestrol Levels, Helps the Skin & Hair, Supports Weight Loss, Prevents Kidney Stones.


Anti-bacterial, Heart health, Digestion, reduce Cholestrol levels, morning sickness, Anti-inflamation, fights infections and curbs cancer growth, Cold & Flu Relief, Improves Cardiovascular. Lowers PMS Pain.


High in Vitamins, Reduces Blood Pressure, Detoxifying, Anti-Inflamation, Athletic Performance, Improves immunity & lowers Liver disease & Injury, Improves Bone health, Cold & Flu Relief.


Rich in anti-oxidants, Anti-Inflammation, has Anti-diabetic effects & lowers blood sugars, improves metabolism, protects against cancer, aids brain function, fights bacteria & fungal infections, helps fight HIV, reduces heart disease risks.