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Frequently Asked Question!

There is NO added sugar. The sweetness is only from the natural Honey Powder ingredient. 

The 0.42 oz / 12g sachets can make 1 cup (8oz to 12oz) of hot or cold beverage.

While the 0.63oz / 18g sachet pouch, makes 1.5 cups to 2 cups (12oz-16oz).

Adjust to your liking in both scenarios, to your own preferred spicey – aroma test level, and enjoy the flavors sooth your soul!

The product mixes well in both hot and cold water or fluid of choice. 

For best results with cold beverages; mix ingredient in cold water, shake well, and enjoy!

For hot beverages; mix in hot or warm water, let it sit, then enjoy!. 

Separation of Natural ingredients is normal, but the taste is exceptionally not-normal!

Enjoy this great gift of nature with family and friends at ANY time of the year.